Education Initiatives

One of the best things about working on education initiatives in Houston are the partners. Here are some of the citywide initiatives we are currently developing!


MCueva.IsMyChildReadyCollege Planning Help

I love to help organize processes and resources to make it easier for families to find opportunities for a better quality of life. Thanks to my community partners, we make better sense of the student financial aid and college admissions process as well as allow students to speak to mentors, professionals, and experts who can answer their questions.




Mayor’s Art Scholarship

Houston is a city that is over 650 square miles and whose residents speak over 90 languages. Art is a powerful way that we can share our love for our neighborhoods. It is especially important for students to be encouraged to develop and use their voices as artists and as civically-engaged residents.



HouSTEM Collaboration

Houston is full of STEM professionals and we want to connect them to students! Let’s create an educational landscape where students have opportunities to learn about science, technology, engineering and math that are as rich as the career opportunities in those fields.



Mayor’s Office of Education Initiatives

You can see more of my program partnerships as well as regional collaborations on the City of Houston’s website.

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